Las Terrenas – Excursions from Cabarete, Part 6

Las Terrenas – Excursions from Cabarete, Part 6

Las Terrenas is a small town in the Samaná province in the East of the Dominican Republic. A quiet fishing village, the name originates in the French phrase “la terriene” (the landowner).

A wonderful place to visit to check out some typical Caribbean beaches. Long beaches with white sand, numerous palm trees and small waves nudging the shore line. While Cabarete still remains the North Coast’s top destination, Las Terrenas is great for a relaxing day under the shade of a palm tree, with a cool beverage or two!

Las Terrenas is 160km (100 miles) away and it takes just over 2 hours from Cabarete to the center of Las Terrenas using a new bypass road which runs along the coastline and shortens the trip dramatically.

Conveniently placed a little closer to Cabarete than Playa Rincón, Las Terrenas is an easy day trip location. You may want to consider passing by the Los Haitises National Park on the way back.

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