Cabarete Restaurants – Sandro’s

Sandro’s is one of the only true Dominican restaurants in the center of Cabarete. It is not located on the beach like most trendy places, but on the main street and the prices are extremely good for the great local food they offer.

The standard Dominican chicken dish is called ‘pollo guisado’ and is an excellent choice from the menu. In fact, all the chicken and beef dishes are great and they have fresh natural juices. As well as Presidente beer of course!

Sandro’s is right in the center of Cabarete. When walking through town, you will notice Sandro’s because you have to step down into the place as it is below street level. Dining here provides a new and unique angle on the day to day action on the main street!

A must if you are looking for true local food during your vacation at Olas de Oro Villas in Cabarete.