27 Falls of Damajagua – Excursions from Cabarete, Part 13

From the only licensed local tour company that will take you all the way to the 27th waterfall of Damajagua.

“Hike and scale a series of spectacular waterfalls near Cabarete with the rainforest canopy above you and crystal clear water below, feel your senses come alive as you experience nature’s perfect water park. The adventure starts with an easy hike following the river upstream for around 20 minutes to the first waterfall.

From here we hike, swim and climb up to the top waterfall. Now you’re ready for the highlight of the day as you jump, slide and swim your way back down to base camp. Enjoy an authentic Dominican lunch while reliving your experiences before heading back to your hotel for a well deserved siesta. Total river time approx 3 hours. Jumps up to 8m/25ft but don’t worry, the big jumps all have walk arounds if you don’t feel comfortable with the height.”

Head up there with Iguana Mama guides and you’ll ensure a quality experience.